Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of radiator repair fluid

Characteristics of the motor vehicle Closing the hood WARNING one. Before closing the hood, Verify the fol- lowing: • Ahead of closing the hood, be certain that all obstructions are taken out • All filler caps in engine compartment in the hood opening. Closing need to be the right way mounted.

In case the ABS warning light stays on, In such a case, your ABS and common brake licensed HYUNDAI dealer as soon as arrives on whilst driving, or won't process might not get the job done Typically. Have the achievable.

If you might want to swap the o Will not get back again during the auto though filler cap, use a genuine Hyundai re- refueling. Will not work something that placement section. can generate static electricity. Static elec- tricity discharge can ignite fuel vapors causing explosion.

Features of one's automobile CAUTION To forestall possible damage to the washer pump, don't function the washer once the fluid reservoir is empty.

AWD process won't driving on slopes which tilt the motor vehicle to function. both facet. Get in touch with an authorized HYUNDAI These aspects needs to be very carefully consid- vendor right away. ered when driving off-highway. Preserving the auto in connection with the driving floor...

SRS effectiveness and cause rails have to be executed by a licensed auto should be scrapped, specific doable personal injury. HYUNDAI seller. Incorrect managing of basic safety safeguards will have to • For cleaning the air bag pad cov- the SRS program may perhaps cause critical observed.

Routine maintenance Corrosion safety Substantial-corrosion parts Moisture breeds corrosion If you live in a region wherever your car Humidity creates the ailments in which Guarding your vehicle from corrosion is consistently exposed to corrosive materi- corrosion is most probably to come about.

Security features of one's motor vehicle Why didn’t my air bag go off in a collision? (Inflation and non-infla- tion conditions on the air bag) There are plenty of different types of incidents during which the air bag would not be hope- ed to deliver added protection.

Many of the struction methods to battle corrosion, widespread will cause of accelerated corrosion are Hyundai provides autos of the very best quality. street salts, dust Handle substances, ocean air Nevertheless, This is often only A part of the job. To accomplish E020B01A-AAT and industrial pollution.

autos • The doorways need to usually be entirely • When pushing down about the rear por- shut and locked while the vehi- Leaving your car unlocked can tion (2) in the switch, all car or truck doorways...

You'll be able to change the peak from the shoulder belt tions about seat belt operation must be anchor to one of several four positions for optimum B160B01A-AAT directed for your Hyundai Dealer. Periodic Inspection comfort and safety. If the peak in the adjusting seat belt is just too near...

Security characteristics of your car Major factors of occupant When the entrance passenger seat is occupied by a person that the procedure determines to classification system be of Grownup dimension, and he/she sits thoroughly • A detection product Found throughout the (sitting upright Together with the seatback within an front passenger seat cushion.

Upkeep Shiny-steel servicing Underbody maintenance Aluminum wheel upkeep • To eliminate road tar and insects, make use of a Corrosive supplies utilized for ice and The aluminum wheels are coated by using a tar remover, not a scraper or other snow elimination and mud Manage could col- crystal clear protecting complete.

Driving your motor vehicle Winter season DRIVING Get the Facts Snowy or icy conditions Snow tires If you mount snow tires on your auto, To generate your automobile in deep snow, it may make sure They are really radial tires with the be needed to use snow tires or to similar dimension and cargo variety as the initial install tire chains on your own tires.

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